Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11th

On this very day exactly 14 years ago, the 'terrorist attack' happened. I really dislike using the term 'terrorist' because it usually generalises and narrows it down to a muslim tall dark bearded man. It really aggravates me when people generalise nationality,beliefs, race, because we are all different. 

My aunt was in manhattan on this very day since she worked there. She was on her way to work but luckily she was taking the subway and it saved her life. The way she describes it is that she just suddenly felt everything shake, a big bang. She first thought that it was an earthquake.  People started to panic. My grandmother who lives in Paris, saw this happening on her TV and she didn't know if her daughter was alive. Can you imagine, watching this catastrophe happen and to know that maybe your daughter could be victimised. 

Who I think was guilty? 
I honestly don't know, there are so many conspiracies out there. At this point I really don't trust anyone. Sometimes I ask myself If it was the US government that arranged this to make the islamic community the enemy.

Drawings by Frances Cannon

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