Thursday, July 9, 2015

The 3 Benefits Of Having An Older Brother

What's up to the four people that might read this?!(one of them being me) 
I have an older brother, he is a total of three years older than me. We've definitely have had our up and down moments, especially when we were kids. We have grown up a little since.
We are the big yet small numbers of 18 & 21.  The peek age of the teenage years and the early twenties as they would like to call it. By 'they' I mean society. Here you are probably wondering, when the hell is she going to get to the point. AHA right now.

1. He will get the blame
I know what you're thinking, I'm evil. But as a child this strategy was the best! We always fought. I'm not exaggerating. Literally ALWAYS. Not just a bit of hair tugging and a few pinches here and there. I'm talking biting, punching, kicking, throwing, pushing, pulling, hitting, scratching...okay you get the point. We loved each other.  But as he is the older sibling and the boy he was the one to take the blame for both of our actions. Even though most of the times it was him that provoked me since back then iphone's did not exist and we had nothing else to do with our lives.

2.If you only knew what his friends looked like 
Yes girls, I had the odd billion crushes on my brothers friends. You can't blame me. I didn't have much else to think about at that age than how I should name my children, who will be invited to the wedding and how practical it is that my brother is already good friends with my 'future husband'.

3. He's the guinea pig  
Sometimes it is scary going into something that you don't know what to expect. Me on the other hand, I know what to expect since my brother has done it before me. Driving license, university, exams, partying.

So therefore bro, thank you. If you ever happen to read this obviously there are way more factors of how great it is to have you as a brother tehehe

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